Capsule and Cabin Style

Economical accommodation for those who want to try something different to a typical hotel. Clean, budget option of those travelling alone, safe and some are surprisingly spacious.

Business/Tourist Hotels

For those who like hotels with private facilities and most modern features at a reasonable price then the business/tourist hotel will suit most people. Often rated around the 2 to 3 star range with most being about 3 stars in standard. Sometimes the breakfasts are good value.

Higher Grade Hotels

For those who are used to travelling in comfort or want a bit of a special stay somewhere during the trip then the most familiar type of stay for foreign guests would be the 4 to 5 star hotels. The higher grade hotels sometimes are a bit more in price than comparable hotels overseas so when designing an itinerary we will give you the options.

Japanese style stay/ Ryokans

For those who want a more authentic Japanese experience with their accommodation then one must consider a stay or stays in a ryokan. These can vary from economical through to very up market. The economical are very basic in their offerings and often suitable for school groups. The better properties (mid range and up) will be what we tend to offer for a memorable stay.