Why use Japan Specialist Travel?
  • Unlike the large online booking sites which just give lists or large chain agencies where in-depth knowledge is non existent or in very short supply, we are a smaller agency with a wealth of experience accumulated from living in, working in and travelling Japan extensively over the last 30 years. With this knowledge we have been able to specialize in selling only Japan.
  • We have contracts and relationships with a variety of accommodation,  suppliers and organisations in Japan which help us create trips for a wide variety of clients.
  • Being a smaller style of agent we are much more approachable and our staff view their teams (general & ski) as their own personal businesses (we care more about them). We aim to be friendly, approachable and dedicated to making your holiday a success as we want you to love Japan as much as we do.
  • Unlike some agents clients can feel at ease as we are IATA accredited, financially sound, have a dedicated account for client’s funds and are audited annually.
  • We mainly do 100% Tailor made and personalised holidays which means we can create to suit your tastes, budget and length of desired stay.
  • We are HUMAN BEINGS, so you have some person to contact when a hiccup may occur, such as weather problems, forgotten luggage or health issues. We feel it is important you can have someone to talk to and we will do what we can to help put your mind at ease if something does come up, unlike the online sites who can be no-show or zero help during these situations. It is easy to leave something behind in a hotel room etc.
  • If you choose to have a Private Guided Tour somewhere on the trip we only use licensed qualified guides who actually have the skill and knowledge to make your trip better rather than using an unlicensed or inexperienced person who may or may not offer you value for your time.
  • Also if something does not go to plan your guide will be in contact with us and they can mediate to make things go more smoothly than what it could be with someone unlicensed.
  • When we work out a package there are no hidden costs or unwanted surprises. We explain clearly what is included in the package price and what is not included. If there are some costs which cannot or should not be included beforehand and/or should be paid in Japan we will inform you before you travel so you have a heads up and can even give you a guide to costs/ tell you how much you might need in Japan.
  • We offer a Japan emergency contact (again another HUMAN) for you just in case and you can also contact us directly before you depart or while in Japan if you have any queries or concerns.
  • We are happy for any feedback you have to offer after your trip as this helps us see how we have done, ensure we have met our own high standards and may help us to improve the service we offer at times.
  • If you wish to come and see us in person so you can feel at ease about who we are, you are more than welcome to make an appointment with us.
Alan, Kumano Kodo