TRANS ORBIT PTY (Japan Specialist Travel)

With the head office located in Sydney Australia, we are a Travel Agency (company name - TRANS ORBIT PTY LTD) that has been in business in Australia for over 30 years. We are an IATA accredited agency and are well known in the Japan travel industry. We are well regarded for our knowledge and knowhow and have a strong relationship with a number of suppliers (accommodation, airlines, entertainment suppliers etc) and organizations in the travel industry such as the Japan National Tourist Organisation (JNTO).

With much turmoil in the travel industry these days we also pride ourselves on being financially conservative, financially sound and debt free. We adhere to Australian accounting procedures and are audited yearly.

We specialise in mainly in wholesale, individual, school and group travel to Japan.
Our relationships with our suppliers, ryokans and hotels help us be competitive in creating a package which will hopefully suit our client's interests, budget and standards.
The itinerary we supply in the final documents along with the various maps and other travel information supplied helps the client travel through Japan as seemlessly as possible. Also while in Japan our client can feel at ease that they can contact us for any questions which might crop up due to weather changes, forgotten luggage and so on and we will try to help where possible. Clients can contact in Australia or via our Japan emergency contacts.

We pride ourselves on the detail provided in our itineraries and information we send out and therefore need to be booking most or the entire package to help cover our time in the consultation and production of these documents for the specific client.
If a client only wishes for us to arrange a small component of the trip we may have to add a handling fee or consultation charge to justify our time taking the booking.
As a specialist agent for Japan we have access to certain airfares which are not available to other agents. These can be more lenient in ticketing deadlines and/or cheaper. The same goes for some of our contracts with various accommodation throughout Japan. We are NOT like an online agent which just lists properties but an agency which gives considered advice, helps with the logistics, flow and structure of an itinerary so you can make the most of your holiday and save substantial time enjoying Japan, not just being in Japan and moving between places. Most of our clients have told us they enjoyed a wider variety of experiences and saw more of the country than they would have done if they planned it themselves. It is this component of our service which we value and pride ourselves on. We certainly hope our clients do too.

Due to the care we put into crafting a trip, we consider the fact about 80% to 90% of our bookings come from recommendations and repeat clients as a source of pride.
It gives us great satisfaction to know that our clients often love Japan as much as we do, with many wanting to go back again and again. Feel free to contact us by email or phone or in person (due to team being very small in person is appointment only).

Alan, Kumano Kodo